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Tax Consultancy Services

Tax advice and planning are of universal business importance, ensuring that the tax burden is no higher than it should be.
The growing complexity of tax regimes and constant changes to tax laws, however, make it almost impossible for any individual to keep pace with the evolving world of international taxation.

Our Tax division recognizing that taxation constitutes a major business cost is able to provide advisory, agency and tax compliance services in areas of income and corporation tax, value added tax, custom and excise tax and other direct and indirect taxes. Our tax team has a reputation for creative solutions tailored individually to meet the client needs.

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The range of services provided by our tax division includes, advising on tax planning, in terms of:

Business tax health check for purposes of advising on compliance and tax planning.

Acting as tax agents for submission of tax returns, as well as attending to routine queries from tax authorities.

Registering with tax authorities and assisting in dealing with income tax, value added tax and pay as you earn audits and investigations.

VAT Audit and facilitation of refunds where applicable

Assisting in getting tax exemption status for qualifying clients.

Issuing of audit certificates for VAT refund claims

Tax seminars and client updates.

Our other tax related services include:

Pin registrations for both individuals and non-individuals

Pin registration for Foreigners

Tax compliance facilitation

Updating company or individual into I tax

Tax payments

Tax refund

Corporate tax

Personal tax

We also file the following returns:


Income tax

Rental income tax

Exercise tax

Income tax

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Approved ETR Machine Acquisition Services

Brand New ETR Machines

Free Programming

Free Fiscalisation

Free Training

Free Kra Documentation

Free Delivery


We will run a well prescribed rent schedule in excel application sheet for our clients outlining the following

Personal details of the tenants e.g. Name, ID no, phone number and house number

Standard Rent /Paid rent per month

Date of rent payment

Total monthly collections

Total rental income for the property

Total rental income tax payable

Such record is prerequisite for filing such returns. We share the same with the clients monthly for verification

In fact in some cases of confusion, we undertake to do the house numbering tags for easy identification

  1. In cases where the client has never filed the rental income tax, we will institute a system of the same and bring it up-to-date. Also in cases where the KRA has filed the initial return and default message sent on clients email, we will follow it through and apply for the appropriate waivers for the same.
  2. Our advisory services are meant to cushion the client from unnecessary penalties and fines that come as a result of lack of knowledge as far as rental income tax remittance and filing is concerned.
  3. We will advise, where necessary, if the client should maintain and run the property in his/her name (thereby using his/her personal pin) or register a private limited company which will run the property as a separate legal entity, in its own pin.
  4. In cases where the client doesn’t receive the rental income monthly, say quarterly or Semiannually, like it happens in the hostels, we will advise accordingly

Statutory audit provides the highest level of assurance. It is a methodical review and objective examination of the financial statements, including the verification of specific information as determined by the auditor or as established by general practice.

Our work includes a review of internal controls, testing of selected transactions, and communication with third parties. Based on our findings, we issue a report on whether the financial statements are fairly stated and free of material misstatement.

Internal Audit

Internal audit is an oversight function, an independent appraisal activity established within an organization, and provides assurance to the shareholders, board and management by reporting on;

  • The effectiveness of the existing internal controls systems
  • Reliability of the management information systems
  • Management and control of the organization’s assets
  • And compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

We provide internal audit solutions which range from the total outsourcing of the internal audit function to outsourcing its supervision or setting out an independent internal audit function. This is extended to advising clients to make effective use of data mining tools and computer assisted auditing techniques.

  • Performance or value for money audit;
  • Special audits and investigations;
  • Review and implementation of internal audit functions, including outsourcing;
  • Review and implementation of Management Information Systems (MIS); and
  • Inventory Audits.
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