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Immigration and Foreign Business Registration

Our approach

Enolix group of companies comprise of 4 major inter sectorial companies which endeavor to employ all the necessary expertise to enhance foreign investments as follows;


  • Preparing and lodging visa applications
  • Replying to any questions regarding immigration options
  • Assessment of your eligibility for visas
  • Providing a full, comprehensive report on visa eligibility
  • Provision of a list of documents to present to Assessment Authorities and/or Immigration Office
  • Assistance with filling the forms both paper and online forms
  • Advice on chances for review of refused cases
  • Immigration Work Permit Kenya
  • Immigration Investor Permit Kenya
  • Special Pass Kenya

Business registration services

In cases where the client is coming as an investor, we will assist in undertaking the following registration services;

Registering a Foreign company

This is a company already operating in a foreign country but is willing to open a branch/subsidiary in Kenya

  • Scanned certified copy of certificate of incorporation of company from country of registration.
  • Scanned certified copy of the Memorandums and Articles of Association of the company. (If in a Foreign language, interpreted and certified copy)
  • Registered office in country of origin (Plot / House number, road, City, country)
  • Registered office of the Branch in Kenya. (Name of building/ location, plot number, road, county).
  • Names of the Directors / shareholders and share structure.
  • Contact information of the directors / shareholders – Email address, Telephone number, postal address and residential addresses.
  • Scans of Passport bio data and passport photo of directors / shareholders.
  • Appointment of local representative

NOTE; where the client doesn’t have any physical and postal addresses locally, we will, provide for the same

Registration of a local company

For foreigners to register a company locally the following are the requirements;

  • Clearly scanned passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Postal and physical address
  • The core objective of the company being formed eg Real Estate, Motor Dealer Information Technology services
  • The distribution of shares of the company out of 100%
  • Local representative


In cases where the foreign client doesn’t have a local representative, we will serve as one

Other relevant registration services we undertake

Relevant preliminary registration services eg

  • The county trade licenses
  • KRA/Tax Registration services for company and individual foreigners
  • Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) for those who want to offer Information Technology related services)
  • Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) –for those who want to offer monetary and financial services
  • Capital markets authority (CMA)- for those who want to offer services in the capital markets
  • Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA)- for those who want to venture into the energy sector
  • National Construction Authority(NCA) for those who want to venture in the construction industry

Enos Mori –  CPAK, CPSK MBA 

Senior Consultant – Enolix Consultants –


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